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Monday, April 18, 2011

Heat in the playoffs. Game 1 + Game 2 Analysis

So the Heat start off their playoff journey with a win against the tough 76ers! I always knew the 76ers were going to be a tough team. I even personally like the 76ers and their coach Doug Collins. I mean, he got to coach Jordan so what's not to like! I was lucky enough to watch the whole of Game 1. I knew that the Heat would win, but was unsure of how close the game would actually be. Philli outscored the Heat 31-19 in the 1st quarter. We can't let that happen again in Game 2. The Heat came back in a zone defense and outscored Philli 35-18. Great turn around, but a horrible start!

What the Heat did well in that game was to change the momentum of the game in the 2nd quarter. Their Heat defense disrupted the 76ers offense and they created turnovers that led to fast break opportunities and free throws. The 76ers rely on a transition offense game and by getting the free throw line the Heat forced them to play with a set half court offense.

What the Heat need to do for Game 2 is to control the tempo early and get into a good shooting rhythm. We didn't shoot too well from downtown and this is where the bench needs to step up. I can only remember 3 big 3 pointers in that game coming from Bibby, James Jones, and Chalmers. James Jones had a few open looks and as the reigning 3 point champ I'm sure he's been practicing them for Game 2. The 76ers also have a few good shooters like Lou Williams, Meeks and Holiday. Holiday sparked the 4th quarter comeback with back to back 3 pointers. We need to remember to fight till the final buzzer.

I see the Heat coming out of the gate with a lot more intensity and taking it to the 76ers. No disrespect to Doug Collins and his team, but i don't see them holding back the Heat in Game 2. I'm taking the Heat against the spread.

PS. Wade as the go to person in clutch situations is ALWAYS the best move!

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