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Thursday, December 9, 2010

An Introduction

Welcome to the Heat Spot!

My name is Donmar and the co-author of this blog. I am also the author of The Unknown Gazette (formerly, Donmakles - Lanaoan sa Aoetaroa) which covers history, politics, sports, personal experiences, and other topics of interest. The Heat Spot, on the other hand, covers the Miami Heat. In other words, its a Miami Heat fan blog!

I have been a fan of the Miami Heat franchise ever since that 7-foot giant (Shaquille O’Neal) from Los Angeles Lakers moved to the South Beach in 2004 and brought Miami to NBA championship (2006). Anyway, I support other NBA teams as well. Aside from the Miami Heat, I am also a fan of the Phoenix Suns and the Boston Celtics. When I was a kid growing up in the Philippines, I supported the Chicago Bulls, the time of the great Michael Jordan until I moved here in New Zealand.

Here in the Heat Spot, I will focus on the team’s statistics, team and individual records, as well as other trivias. My co-author (Scot) and I will also cover the history, news, player’s profiles, legend’s profiles, college prospects, and whatever we could think of.


My name is Scot and I'm a Miami Heat fan. I've been playing basketball since high school and one of my fondest memories was watching the 2006 Miami Heat in the playoffs. It featured my two favourite guards, Dwayne Wade and Jason Williams. The team was perfect mix of new and old. I truly believe that the new revamped Heat has what it takes to make it back to the Finals this season.

My specialty for this blog will be pre-game analysis. I'm a betting man so analysing games is extremely important to me if I actually want to win money! In this blog I will post my predictions for almost all upcoming Miami Heat games and give advice on how to place your bets. I'll also throw in a few non-Heat predictions on slow days when the Heat aren't playing!

If you are new to sports betting then stay tuned to my recommended list of sports books!

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